Juliet roses and blue delphinium bouquet with a Jr. bridesmaids bouquet.

"Tess" bouquet.

Juliet roses are bridal gold with their cabbage look and bold yet delicate blush coloration.

Vibrant, fun and a bit of boho with opulent greens and pale red rock blush tones.

                                        Flowers for every occasion.

                                   You can depend on Sedona Fine Art of Flowers.

"Christi" and friends.

Ivory through deepest burgundy. Silk ribbons add movement and luxury

Red rock colors with green succulents. This June bride is cool as a cucumber with crisp summer color.


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"High Desert Boho"

Our first and forever loved boho wedding bouquet features an airplant with sesaonal pods.

Variations welcomed including succulents and flowers.

We took photos at Seven Canyons.

The bouquet in a graceful still shot.

Flowers surround lanterns in arrangements for the reception tables.

"Devi" Suite of wedding flowers.

A rounded bouquet of roses, peonies and orchids in a seasonal wedding bouquet.

(Peonies are available often but not always.)

Classic "Bridal White" Wedding Bouquet

Set the stage with red rocks and flowers.

More bouquets

Sedona Fine Art of Flowers